About Us

I’m Mahendran, started working online since 2012. Do you know Why I created this website. Answer is simple, To teach and give real information to people who visit my website.

In 2009 I saw a Advertisment “Work from Home – Earn 15000/ month”

Like this I saw many advertisement in local papers, online etc…. I  don’t know which one is real and fake. I thought only way to find is to try it.

I contact one person and they said me to pay a small amount to get started. I paid and later they sent me one book and certificate. Job is when i refer a person to that person, I get commission. I thought I could not make a income for life with this job, So I Quit it. It is very hard to refer a person to business without proof.

Later I tried to search in Google to find online business. I tried many things and most of the website is fake.

After many months of testing and trying. I found different ways to make money legally. In this website, I’m going to reveal the secrets of making money online. So people who are reading this, Stay connected with this website. We are going to build a network of workers online in the future. So Stay connected with me.

Thanks for taking your time to read.