How to sell ebook in amazon [2023]

Do you want to sell ebook in Amazon? I’m assuming the answer is yes, and why shouldn’t you? Amazon has been for years the most popular online book retailer. 

If you want to sell your book to Amazon, The most straightforward method to do it yourself is to use a simple service known as Amazon KDP (which means Kindle Direct Publishing). Amazon KDP is an online platform that permits users to upload their manuscript and convert it to a suitable format to create the Kindle book. Then, you can manage your listings on all amazon platforms like and Amazon. in and many more.

sell ebook in amazon

Set up the Amazon KDP Account

Creating an account on Amazon KDP is free (the sign-up page is here: ). If you already have an Amazon account, you can utilize your existing information. All you have to do is add some additional details about how you’d like to receive a payment if your book produces sales.

Once your account is done, sign in and then be taken to your Bookshelf. This page will display an inventory of all the eBooks you’ve published on Amazon; however, this will not contain any eBooks the first time you visit. Other options on that top page are ‘Reports in which you’ll be capable of downloading and viewing data on sales for the title(s) and the Community tab, which will take you to Knowledge Base and user Forums.

Add your eBook details.

Return to Bookshelf for more information on uploading your eBook to Amazon. In the top left of this page, you will see the “Add a new title’ button. When you click this, you will see two pages of information that you must fill out regarding your ebook.

The first page has the following major fields:

  • Title
  • Edition Number
  • Description
  • Book Contributors (Author details, etc.)
  • Publishing Information
  • Language
  • Publication date
  • Publisher
  • ISBN (this is not a requirement to sell your eBook through Amazon)
  • Publishing Rights
  • Browse and Search


            Image of the Product

            Book Content

            DRM – no or yes

The majority of fields are easy to comprehend, but there are prompts for help on the screen to clarify what you need to type in. Some important points to take into consideration:

Contrary to what you’ll find on the Internet, there is no required ISBN to sell your book on Amazon. If you don’t own one, you can leave the field empty, and it will not affect your sales.

Select the Browse or Search category with care because they can offer you excellent promotional opportunities. Make sure the types you choose are pertinent to your book (you could select as many as five categories) But don’t believe you must pick the most well-known or generic categories you can. The more specific a variety you choose to assign, the more likely you will be to earn your Amazon Top 10 Bestseller status. It is necessary to sell many eBooks to make it into the top 10 of those in the Fiction category. However, the general section is significantly less for the Fiction > Mystery & Detective > Women Sleuths category.

Add a good front cover image of your eBook. An attractive cover will sell your book on Amazon. The cover image you upload should be 500 pixels wide and at a maximum of 1280 pixels in height. You can use JPEG as well as TIFF files.

Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM is a technology designed to stop individuals from sharing their eBooks with other individuals. If you publish a well-known eBook and include DRM, there is a chance that someone will take the trouble of taking off your DRM to upload your book to permit others to copy the text to do it. Are you able to do anything to stop this? It’s not at all. Are most readers likely to purchase the eBook instead of going through the hassle of searching for an unlicensed copy? Yes, they will. There is a split opinion on whether DRM is an excellent concept or not, but the final decision is yours.

Upload your Content

The last section on the screen that displays the initial details is the area where you upload your book’s content. It is possible to upload your book in any of these formats:

Zipped HTML (.zip)

Word (.doc)

Adobe PDF (.pdf)

ePub (.epub)

Plain Text (.txt)

MobiPocket (.mobi or .prc)

While you’re likely to publish your book formatted as Word Doc or PDF. There are tutorials and examples from Amazon DTP’s website. Amazon DTP website that shows how to format your document before uploading.

Amazon DTP will transform your uploaded file into a Kindle-friendly format. When it is done, you’ll be able to preview the new eBook before you view it on screen.

Set Your Price and choose your Royalty options

When this section is finished When you are done, click Save and Continue at the end of the page. You then move to screen two options, ‘Rights and Pricing.’ On this page, you’ll have the following options available:

Content Rights

Royalty Options

35 percent or 70 70% or 35%

List Price

In 2010, Amazon introduced the 70 percent Royalty option, which will pay you 70 percent of the price you sell your book for plus a small delivery charge for every sale. To benefit from the 70 percent Royalty option, you have to set your eBook’s price within $2.99 and $9.99 and PS1.49 and PS6.99. If the eBook’s price is over or below these levels, you’ll need to select the 35% royalty option.


After choosing your Royalty options and setting your price, mark the last box to signify your agreement to the Amazon T&C and then press Save and Publish’. After that, your eBook will go into the queue and await an official at Amazon to give it their approval to sell it. It usually takes between 24 to 48 hours when you have received acceptance; Amazon will email you to inform you that your ebook is now available on,, and, etc

Publishing an ebook publishing an ebook Amazon

It is important to note that once you’ve submitted your eBook to be approved, you can’t alter any of its information until it is accepted or rejected.


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