How to Create a Stunning Coloring Book That Sells on Amazon: A Step-by-Step Guide


Create a Stunning Coloring Book That Sells

Here are a few steps to creating and selling your coloring book on Amazon:

  1. Choose an idea or topic for your coloring book. Animals, mandalas, and cityscapes offer unlimited options.
  2. Make some coloring papers. You may create them by hand or with digital illustration software. Make sure that your pages are of good quality and attractive to visitors.
  3. Make your coloring album prepared for printing. You may design your book yourself using software such as Adobe InDesign or Canva, or you may hire a skilled book designer to handle it for you.
  4. Design a coloring book. You can publish your book using a print-on-demand service such as CreateSpace or KDP publish (both owned by Amazon). You can print a few or numerous copies as you want with no suffering to worry about keeping track of inventory.
  5. Set up a KDP account. You must first establish an account on the Amazon website and then proceed to set up the seller profile.
  6. Create an Amazon listing for your coloring book. You can sell your book on Amazon once it gets printed. Make sure to include descriptions, images, and pricing details on the product’s page.
  7. To promote your coloring book, you can use social media and other marketing channels to promote your Amazon product page. Use can also use Amazon Ads.
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